Are you stuck?

Do you feel limited in vocal range and your ability to express yourself through your voice?

Do you want to sing with more freedom, range and power?

There is literally nothing that has transformed my voice more than straw phonation. And that is after 20 years of studying the voice and teaching singing(!).

Now I see it time after time with my students too. Do you want to join in on their success?

Example Curriculum

Meet your new teacher

Fredrik Bergstrand

Hi, I'm Fredrik

I'm deeply passionate about teaching singing and helping others removing voice limitations and establishing new vocal habits. I believe science and proven experience to be the foundation on which to build the voice. I’ve taught hundreds of students how to sing, ranging from total beginners to seasoned pros and major label artists, for over 15 years.

I hold a Master’s Degree of Music Education specializing in singing, and I’ve also extended studies with Seth Riggs, Greg Enriques, Spencer Welsh and Eli Prinsen to name a few.

For the last 10 years I’ve been busy lecturing at the Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg, and at the Swedish Voice Society's national congress, as well as teaching many workshops on voice technique. I teach singing one-to-one in my own music business and at a respected Swedish music college.  

Another side business of mine is being the vocalist of the Swedish Progressive Metal band Elusive End. I believe being a singer myself makes me stay at the top of my game and really pushes me to develop my own artistry. Being a singer in a difficult genre proves to my students that I know what it takes to keep the voice in shape and which techniques that really works.

Do You Want To Know

The Secret Of How To Move Freely Between Voice Registers?

Learn how straw phonation and SOVT exercises can help you build a stronger, healthier and more flexible voice (with more range and power!).

The Eliminate The Break course is really boiled down to what you need to know.

And you will learn how to do this in only 7 lessons and less than 1 hour of video content!


"Fredrik has an incredible knowledge about voice technique and an ability to hear the next step in the students journey right away. Fredrik can explain with words how I should feel and that makes it easer for me to find the right way. He knows all the smart tricks and great exercises. I've learned so much and got so many tools and exercises to help me develop my singing voice. Super happy!"


"I'm so happy about the boost in confidence, the insights and the exercises Fredrik has given me to help me control my voice on a very practical level.

The lessons I learned with him was of great value and gave me the tools to develop my voice without the frustration I felt before."


"Fredrik has an amazing ability to hear the tendencies of a voice when a student sings for him. He quickly analyses what he's hearing, makes an assessment, and suggests concrete exercises that improves the voice.

He's also always humble and inspiring which makes you safe with his teaching and eager to learn."

What You Will Learn

-The science behind why straw phonation works so great

-Straw and SOVT exercises

-Tools to build a solid foundation for your voice technique

-4 different ways of phonation

-7 different ways of using the straw

-3 routines to help you establish new vocal habits

All packed in an easy to understand and concentrated way of 7 video lessons with total playing time of less than 1 hour.

Don't take the long way around.

This is your short cut.

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